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Turn your WhatsApp chat into a book with Textolife

How to save / print a WhatsApp book?

The steps to follow



On your phone, open the WhatsApp app, and go to your thread.


Swipe from right to left, then click on "Options". Then click on "Export chat" and choose the option "Join Media" If you want to recover the photos too. Select a mailing, and enter your email address (be careful, depending on the model of your phone, the button "export discussion" may be in a different place).


Recover the file (s) received by email (they can be zipped or unzipped) and select it.


Personalize your WhatsApp book

Select the start and end dates of the WhatsApp conversation you want to save/print.

Delete or not some messages. Did you know ? A QR code is assigned to each of your videos when you generate your book. You can read your videos for a year by scanning this code!

Write your title and an introductory message.

Add a picture.

Choose your theme from the 7 graphics on offer.

Select the format : printed book / PDF / PDF + printed book.


Choose the desired number of copies of your Messenger book. Enter your delivery and payment details, and voila!


Warning: read your conversation well at the time of personalization because in some cases your messages may be out of order if it is the case thank you to report it.