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Textolife was born in 2013 with some help from my little sister Laura following a family anecdote. In our family, we have a tradition of making homemade gifts.

For Christmas 2013, I had the idea to offer to my parents, my brother and sister Laura, a book containing our text messages group conversation of the year with all the pictures. The creation was long and laborious, because everything was « handmade » because I collected screenshots in a file: the result was a success. Reading the book, we laughed, cried and mostly, we remembered these moments our lives.

But to remake such a book in the same conditions is just unthinkable: too long, too complicated, too expensive.​

So we decided to set up an automated process which could offer to anyone the opportunity to create a Text message book and build their personal story, so that the best moments of life can’t be lost.​

Beyond the number of hours of work that we have been asked to hand-craft our book, this gift has created a wonderful surprise! So my sister and I wanted to open this project to all so that the best moments of life can be shared indefinitely

Yasmine - Founder of Textolife Yasmine - Fondateur de Textolife