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Our Story

What is a Textolife book?

The history of Textolife

Textolife is a new concept born in 2013 with 2 sisters, Yasmine and Laura, following a family anecdote. In the family, we have a tradition of making homemade gifts.

For Christmas 2013, I had the idea to offer my parents, my brother and sister Laura, a book containing their text messages group conversation of the year. The composition was long and laborious, because everything was "handmade" thanks to screenshots collected in Word.

But the result is a success.

And we told ourselves that we are not only trying to keep our text messages exchanges and make a book.

But to redo such a book in the same conditions is just unthinkable : too long, too complicated, too expensive.

So, we decided to set up an automated process for families that would offer everyone the opportunity to create a text messages book and build their personal story, so that the best moments of life can not be lost.

The history of Textolife

Textolife is a platform in English and French allowing you to create a personalized paperback from your text, WhatsApp, or Messenger messages conversations. Textolife also offers a free Android mobile app to edit your book.

Textolife is the easiest and cheapest way to back up, personalize, offer and share your text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages in 3 formats :

  • Paper quality paperback
  • Book in PDF format downloadable in unlimited
  • On your Textolife account.

Our internet platform and our mobile application allow you to make a text message, WhatsApp and Messenger book to browse nicely as a photo album, a diary or any other book.

Laughs, declarations of love, memories, moments of life, keep the memory of your ephemeral exchanges in a Textolife book !

Textolife book : the end of the ephemeral era

There isn’t a day without a facebook friend saying « lost my phone ».

Nowadays, it’s impossible to keep a physical object which contains our text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages.

That 's why, with Textolife, we can bring to life our text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages in a special book in order to rediscover the pleasure of browsing through memories, like a photo album.

Text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages, Textolife is giving them life.

The Textolife book can be a group memory

Because it's better when we are several, Textolife also prints your WhatsApp and Messenger group conversations, whether you're 2, 5 or 20, all over the world, find the cream of your exchange in a Textolife customizable book, and share it with your friends group ! !

Whatsapp, Messenger or text messages book : Textolife features

Beyond a simple recovery and printing of text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages, Textolife allows you to :

  • See the number of messages exchanged in a conversation

  • Re-read entirely the WhatsApp, Messenger or text messages conversation of your choice before printing

  • Delete some messages ("forget the bread", "where are you?", "Ok" ...)
  • Customize the title of the created book

  • Choose a photo and an introductory text to the book

  • Choose your theme from among 7 different designs for the cover and the inside pages of the book