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Why print your text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages?
How to print your text messages with an iPhone or Android smartphone?
How to print your WhatsApp chats?
How to print your Messenger chats?
Save your text-message, WhatsApp, Messenger chats in a PDF book
Will my text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger be kept confidential by Textolife?
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In which language can I create a Textolife book?
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Why print your text, WhatsApp or Messenger messages?

What’s the point of a Textolife book?

Phones lost , messages deleted by mistake, limited memory ... It is now almost impossible to keep track of these ephemeral and virtual exchanges that are our conversations of text messages, WhatsApp or Messenger.

You exchange millions of messages with your family, your friends, in France or abroad? Do you want to be sure to keep them?

With Textolife , you can now print your text, WhatsApp, or Messenger messages in a custom book .

You can also choose to keep them in your Textolife account or buy PDF download unlimited.