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Why save text, WhatsApp, Messenger messages in a PDF book?

Phones lost, messages deleted by mistake, limited storage space ... It is now almost impossible to keep track of these ephemeral and virtual exchanges that are our SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger.

You send millions of messages each year. Do you want to be sure to keep them?

With Textolife, you can now save your SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger in a personalized PDF book . This format will allow you to keep your SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger messages on your computer or Textolife account, and download at will!


How to save / print a Text messages book ?

1. Download the iOS Textolife app on your computer and create your account (if you have any problem, please refer to the instructions below).

2. Create and sync a non-encrypted iTunes backup of your iPhone to make sure you have the latest test messages.

3. Choose your heroes : the text messages conversation you wish to print.

4. Customize the style of your PDF book :
  • Choose the format : paper or PDF book.
  • Select the dates of beginning and end of the text messages conversation you want to print.
  • Delete superfluous messages if you wish. Did you know this? A QR code is assigned to each of your videos when you generate your book. You can read your videos for a year by scanning this code!
  • Write your title and introduction.,
  • Add a photo (optional).,
  • Choose among 7 themes for the cover and the pages.

5. Enter your delivery and payment details. Click "order" and you’re done !

Print your phone text messages, to know more click here to read our Privacy Policy.

The text messages book to keep your messages from your phone is automatically generated and formatted. Your messages will be splitted in different bubbles with your pictures and videos. Textolife doesn’t become aware of the content of your messages:
creation process is totally automated and confidential.

Print your phone text messages:
fast shipping

Your text messages book will be printed and shipped 3 to 5 days after your order validation. Your book will be sent as soon as possible (2 to 6 days according to the shipping option you’ve chose).