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Réaliser un livre WhatsApp avec Textolife

How to save / print WhatsApp book?

The steps to follow


On your phone, open the WhatsApp app, and go to your thread.


Swipe from right to left, then click on "Options" . Then click on "Export chat" and choose the option "Join Media" If you want to recover the photos too. Select a mailing, and enter your email address (be careful, depending on the model of your phone, the button "export discussion" may be in a different place).


Recover the file (s) received by email , They Can Happen zipped or unzipped and select it ( incl .


Personalize your WhatsApp book

Select the start and end dates of the WhatsAPP conversation you want to save / print,

Delete or not some messages,

Write your title and an introductory message

Add a picture ,

Choose your theme from the 8 graphics on offer.

Select the format: book or PDF or book + PDF.


Choose the desired number of copies of your Textolife book


Enter your delivery and payment details, and voila!